Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 14

Tomorrow is a travel day and I am quite happy about it. I'm worn out. Too many long days of work in a row have worn me down. Today I almost passed out during lunch. One minute I was eating a sandwich and discussing the relative differences between midgets and dwarfs, and the next minute everything was blurry; I got dizzy and the world started to spin. I sat down, hard. After a few minutes I felt ok, but I think I just got used to the world spinning around me. I knew at that point that I needed a break, and as it turns out we get to drive down to Galbraith Lake (about 4 hours south) tomorrow for a whopping one day of field work before returning the following day to unload our gear and fly home for a week. My break is in sight and I am getting excited. Well, as excited as a zombie can get, I suppose. I am looking forward to my next deployment in August, where we will make our way south through the mountains. But more importantly, I am ready to go home for a while.

Other than my little event, today was pretty uneventful. We took the chopper out to a site, did some hydrology, got picked up by the chopper and went to another site, did some more hydrology, then flew home. While the north slope is beautiful and wild, I am ready to see something different. We tend to make the best of things as demonstrated in this photo, as Paul attempts to jump the creek (he made it).

I also had my first bear sighting. It wasn't quite as exciting as I thought it wold be and I am not sure if it was a brown bear (grizzly) or a polar bear. Maybe you can figure it out:

I mentioned in an earlier post these things called beaded streams. It's where a stream forms these weird, bead shaped pools where ice forms with narrow channels between. They are really weird and I took a couple of good shots of them today.

Well that's it for today. I don't think I have internet access at Galbraith Lake, so I'll be out of touch for a couple of days. Hopefully I'll have something cool to report on the 30th. Until then, I am taking off.

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  1. Hi Mike, Cousin Terrie here. Your dad, through my dad,has shared your blog with all of us. It's been really cool to see what you are going through. You always did like being outside. Beautiful pictures. Totally love the daily dialog. Makes you almost want to be there except for the monster bugs. Gross!!!! Looking forward to your continued experience.

    Oh, by the way, you now have a new first once-removed cousin,or something along that way. Dena had a baby girl last Monday called Madison Ann Seidenfeld. Lots of fun. Not sure I like the Grandma name. We can't be that old yet. Yikes.

    Take care, Terrie